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Disco Ball Inspired Photo Shoot

Do you ever get mad inspired scrolling Pinterest? Just me?

One of my new year goals is to do at least 1 creative concept session a month, because they are such a great creative outlet for me to be off the wall weird and gives me the opportunity to connect with more people.

I got inspired by this retro, disco ball session from images on Pinterest and you actually don't need a lot to do this yourself. You need:

  1. A solid backdrop

  2. Disco Ball

  3. Fun outfit/makeup

  4. Good lighting

I messaged Jillian on Instagram because she is so creative with her content, I figured she would have a blast with this idea. She did her own makeup and used clothing she already had, she also brought the disco ball! So little to no money was used to bring this to life.

If you recreate this concept, tag me in your images! I'd love to see what you came up with!

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