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Updated: Jan 2

We took Molly + Hai's engagement photos at Big Hill Lake in Cherryvale, KS. It was so beautiful and picturesque making for the perfect place to have their photos done. Plus, it was where they had their first date which made it even more meaningful!

Once we started the session and I was calling out some of my go to prompts and Molly said she always wondered how photographers captured such genuine laughs and smiles, so I'm about to share with you my go-to engagement photo prompts so that you too can capture genuine moments.

  1. Stand belly to belly with your spouse and one of you draw something WITH YOUR NOSE on the others cheek. Yes, you read that right. This is one of my FAV prompts and almost always ends with a genuine laugh.

  2. Walk toward the camera holding hands, but come together and hip bump every so often. Just be careful, you don't want to hip bump your partner too hard! You can also add a kiss halfway to get more variety.

  3. Stand back to back with your partner holding hands, but with your other hand try and pinch your partners bum. Only do this one if you're comfortable, it will show in the photos if you aren't.

4. Stand close and put your cheeks together, try and look at each other without moving your face. This is a tough one, but can be pretty funny!

5. Jump on your partners back for a piggy back ride, but whoever is on the bottom try GENTLY bucking off your partner. Be careful not to actually buck them off!

BONUS TIP **Bring items that you love to do together or tell your photog activities you like to do together. This will add special moments within the session and feel more like a date rather than taking photos! (Not really a prompt, but I still think it is great advice)

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