How to Organize a Branding Session

Updated: Jan 2

Are you a small business owner that sells or markets a product or service? Do you use social media platforms to reach your clients or market your service/product? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you def. need to keep reading!

What is a branding session? A branding session is a photoshoot that is solely focused on what your product/service is and YOU.

Why should I do a branding session? A tale as old as time is that we as humans need connection. Your ideal clients or customer want to connect with you. I know, it sounds silly but it is so true. People, as a rule, will be more willing to buy your products if they trust and connect with the person behind the product.

So why should you do one? It's no secret that social media marketing is the new and fastest way to get your biz out there. So if you don't have an account yet, you need one. It's what the times are calling for and if you're not interested in running it, I strongly recommend finding someone who will because it will make a huge impact on your business (the women featured in this blog are social media experts helping small business with this exact problem!).

What do you with the branding session photos? You post them! Post the crap out of them! The best algorithm to getting your biz seen through the social media platforms is consistency and this type of photoshoot will give you enough content to keep that consistent posting going. You'll alternate between photos of your product, photos of you, and photos of you using your product/service. Along with the photos come captions, which is a whole other topic that I'll discuss later (since I haven't quite figured this part out myself). But I'll leave you with one caption advice I've heard over and over again, provide captions that have meaning to your customers/clients.

How to prepare for the session:

  • Sit down and look at your biz. What are you wanting to provide to your ideal client/customer. Write it down. Then decide some branding colors, the more cohesive your website, contact cards, pictures, basically anything that your clients/customer see the better.

  • Decide which products you want to shoot with and how. Think about what you would say about each product in the caption and how you want the photo portrayed. For example, The Design Beez concentrate on marketing so we took pictures of them using the computer (which they use frequently) and on their cell phones for on the go marketing.

  • Decide if you would like to add any props. The Design Beez wanted some glitter throwing photos so they could announce their Business Bootcamp. You could also include balloons for any biz birthdays or champagne popping for any big announcements.

  • Look on Pinterest. There are so many ideas and inspirations on Pinterest, it's literally where I draw most of my creativity. Don't be afraid to make a board and show it to your photographer.

  • Communicate with your photographer. If you need help with any of the tips above, ask to have coffee or a FaceTime/Zoom chat session with your photog. Odds are they can help you with any of these points.

  • HAVE FUN! or be serious, these photos are all about you and how you want your precious gem of a biz to be portrayed to the social media and marketing world.

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