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Want to learn photography in 2023?

Learn manual camera settings in my new camera settings workbook :)

A lot of you have asked... so I answered!

For over a year now I get asked A LOT of questions about photography. What are they best beginner cameras? How do you shoot? What do you shoot with? Do you do mentor sessions? So I've figured this year, 2023, I will focus on answering some of these questions!

So my first ever educational guide was born....

How does this help you?

Within this 18 page workbook, I go over the 4 components you need to learn in order to take your photography to the next level. I also use examples to explain each component... the best part... they are my actual images. So you get the inside scoop on my settings.

Where can I snag this?

I have recently started an Etsy shop where I will be posting my educational resources as well as some creative guides to help fellow photographers in their business or hobby journey. I will link it below so you can hop on over there when you're ready!

Buy the Camera Settings Workbook Now

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