Tips for a Summer Family Session// Summit Hill Gardens

Updated: Jan 2

The Cummings family was my first summer fam session of 2021 and they absolutely KILLED it. They are a family of 6 with all age ranges of kiddos, so if you are a beginner photographer or someone wanting tips for your own family session this is the blog to read.

This session was taken in the month of June, so the day didn't reach peak hotness until later afternoon. We chose 10 am for the session time so we weren't all dying of heat and it was the perfect time.

Originally, Kaleena (Momma) chose an hour session because she wanted to do Ridge's 6 month photos and some family ones, but something came up and we ended up doing a 30 minute session. I was surprised at how perfect the 30 minute session was for a family of 6. We managed to get a bit of everything before the kids were tired of being in front of the camera.

Long story short, if you're a family of 6 and want a handful of good shots before the kids get bored then a 30 minute sesh is for. Now here are some other helpful tips:

  1. Pick a time that isn't so hot. It's no fun having your makeup sweat off or getting under arm stains for the heat, so check the weather before booking a time.

  2. If your location is outside, esp. in a field, bring bug spray. Keep those pesky mosquitoes and ticks away.

  3. Coordinate your outfits, don't match. If you have one person in a patterned shirt/dress then work off that and choose colors within the pattern to put on the rest of the fam. Just like above, they pulled from Kilee (the teens) dress and look how well all the colors pulled together.

  4. Don't put too much pressure on it. If your kids don't want to smile or sit still to take a photo, that's okay. I'll capture the serious face, the innocent running around, the silly faces. It will be a great memory to look back on them just being them.

  5. Think about what you want out of the session. If you come prepared with what you want (for example: group shot, mom and kids shot, dad and kids shot, singles, mom and dad, ect.) then it will make sure the shorter time frame is plenty of time and help the photographer capture exactly what you want!

Even in Utah, when taking pictures of the Smeed family all of these same tips applied! We chose an early morning time, before the dry heat reached it's peak. They coordinated outfits perfectly and we got a handful of each pose in 30 minutes before the kiddos were over it!

Thinking about booking a session? Head on over to the contact page and let's chat!

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