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Valentine's Day Photoshoot Idea

Updated: Feb 5

I've been seeing so many flower top photos come across my Pinterest that have been inspiring me to do my own. You know, where women shove long flowers in their pants that cover their bitties tastefully.

So with Valentine's Day around the corner I thought it would be cool to do a variation of roses (V-Days most popular flower) and Devin had told me she bought some really cool heart pants, so figured it would be the perfect combination!

If you're thinking of doing flower top photos yourself, I recommend getting the $10 bouquets at Walmart or at least 2 dozen roses in order to have enough to cover everything. Also, if you go the roses route you may have to sit there and tear out thorns (at least I did). Bring scissors too to cut them down if needed.

What we used for this shoot:

- Canon R6

- Savage Seamless Backdrop

- 2 Dozen Red and Pink Roses

- Heart Jeans but either of these would be cute too (denim heart or split pink jeans)

- Cellophane over lens to create a dreamy affect

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