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Valentines Day Photoshoot Ideas

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and there is a super easy way to do your own little V-Day shoot with your S.O. or kids!

What you'll need:

  • Newspapers (they were 50 cents a bundle at my local newspaper)

  • 12 heart shaped balloons ( I got mine at Dollar Tree)

  • Optional : 1 dozen roses

  • Camera

If you're setting this up at home, make sure you do it facing a window for the best lighting.

If you want to get really creative you may even want to add some of these other props:

3 Other Valentines Day Props:

  • Rose Petals - You can toss them in the air, or put them around your couples head as they lay on their backs

  • Heart Shaped Sunglasses - If you're doing a Galentine shoot, you can both wear these to give a more retro/timeless feel

  • XOXO Balloon - Instead of hearts on either side, you could use the XOXO


Or you can even do some self portraits with this same backdrop. You can either put your camera on a self timer or have an external source that controls the shutter. I use Canon Connect on my iPad to connect to my camera.

The camera I use:

The white backdrop I used:


  • I got mine at a local boutique called Binge (@shopbinge) but here is an identical sweater

If you try this V-Day backdrop, drop your images in the comments below or tag me in your social posts. I'd love to see your take and creative mind :)

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